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Demeyere 4.8-qt Asparagus/Pasta Cooker Set

This pasta/asparagus pot from the Specialities range is a tall and spacious cookware utensil ideal for cooking vegetables and pasta. The narrow pot has a 16 cm diameter and is 23 cm high. The set includes a sieve to hold the vegetables or pasta. Asparagus can then be cooked upright to protect its delicate tips. Spaghetti is evenly submerged in water right from the start of cooking. The pot has a 4.5 l capacity.The pasta/asparagus pot from Demeyere is made from premium stainless steel that is rust free, scratch resistant and easy to clean. A modern design ensures heat is quickly and evenly retained and dispersed. This enables you to reduce temperatures sooner and thereby save on energy. After cooking, remove the sieve from the pot to drain the contents without having to pour away liquids. Using the 2-piece pasta pot, food preparation becomes simple and uncomplicated.

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