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Demeyere Conical sauteuse without lid

With the Demeyere lidless conical saute pan you will be able to conjure up fancy creations like bearnaise sauce, zabaglione and other mousses and creams for your guests. The saute pan with aluminium core has a base diameter of 12 cm, which widens conically to 18cm at the top. This is the perfect shape for whipping up sauces or creams on the stove with a whisk. The pan is also suitable for making casseroles or frying.Even heat distribution is vital for preparing sauces or mousses. For this reason, the sides of the conical saute pan have insulating properties. The 7 ply material which consists of seven layers with a heat-conducting aluminium core also ensures ideal heat distribution across the base and enables energy-saving gentle cooking at low temperatures. The long, cast stainless steel handle is always cool, so you don’t need oven gloves when cooking. Thanks to the Silvinox – finished surface the saucepan is easy to clean after cooking. Silvinox is an electrochemical surface treatment that removes any impurities in the steel, ensuring a particularly long-lasting silvery sheen. The high-quality materials and sleek, attractive design make the lidless conical saute pan from the Atlantis range an indispensable kitchen aid.

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