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Demeyere Gourmet pan 4 cups

The gourmet pan with four bowls by Demeyere is an excellent choice for making poached eggs, dim sum or other steamed dishes. This pan with four separate bowls inside is suitable for use on any type of cooker, including induction cookers. This shows the versatility of the gourmet pan.The sandwich base is a typical feature of the Demeyere Specialities range. It is also be found in this model and has three layers of stainless steel, an aluminium core and magnetic stainless steel. The stainless steel gourmet pan with four bowls is very easy to maintain and easy to clean. The aluminium interior ensures heat distribution.Overall, the frying pan with four bowls has a purist look. The focus of this pan is quality and optimum performance, so it won’t fall short in any cooking process. With this gourmet pan, you can try out new, interesting recipes or interpret old recipes in a new way.

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