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Demeyere Saucepan

The saucepan from the John Pawson series, which was designed for Demeyere by the designer of the same name, adds a unique mix of aesthetics and utility to your kitchen. The pot, which has a diameter of 14 cm and a height of 7 cm, is great for cooking and heating small delicacies and exquisite sauces.The seven-ply InductoSeal bottom, with layers of silver, copper and stainless steel, ensures the perfect distribution of heat, even at low temperatures. When used on induction hobs, the innovative TriplInduc alloy significantly increases efficiency and also prevents the bottom from warping with prolonged use. The saucepan is also suitable for conventional cookers.Your gravies will stay hot with this pot: The double-layered lid enhances the insulation and keeps your food warm for a long time. Stainless steel handles enable safe and convenient handling. Since the handles are welded directly onto the pot and made of solid material, no water can enter the pot – a major advantage for keeping things sterile.The unique Silvinox finishing also makes it easy to maintain. This special surface treatment effectively prevents the pan from becoming discoloured and stops fingerprints from getting on the rust-free, silver-white stainless steel. You will rediscover the joy of preparing sauces and small dishes thanks to the timeless design by John Pawson.

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