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Demeyere Teppanyaki/Plancha

This Specialities griddle is a professional item of cookware for making Japanese and Spanish specialties. Measuring 35cm x 32cm, this grill plate is made from 0.4 cm thick 7-ply material, which is ideal for recipes that need to be cooked on fryware. TriplInduc technology is also suitable for use on all heat sources, including induction hobs, and the grill plate can even be transferred to another if needed. The teppanyaki and plancha griddle is perfect for cooking large pieces of meat, several steaks at a time or a large number of vegetable slices to be eaten as a starter. The Silvinox finish not only guarantees rapid, professional results: it also helps the surface of the plate to retain its white silver polish and makes it easy to clean. With this Demeyere griddle, cooking traditional teppanyaki dishes or plancha, a Mediterranean dish comprised of deliciously hot ingredients covered with marinade, is so easy.

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