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In the Japanese world of cooking, chefs place very high demands on their knives. The knives must not only be perfect in terms of sharpness but the design must also be just right. The CHUTOH from Miyabi meets these requirements. You can use it to prepare very good Japanese or other Asian dishes. However, it is also suited for European cuisine due to its excellent qualities. This kitchen instrument is primarily used for preparing fish or meat dishes.The knife is made out of 65 layers of steel with different grades of hardness. The blade is a very special sight thanks to its attractive damask design which is created by sandblasting the multiple layers of steel. The manufacturing process makes the knife very sharp and resilient. As a result, you can effortlessly cut your ingredients.The knife’s handle is designed in traditional Japanese style. The paring and garnishing knife fits well in your hand and lets you cut without tiring. It is composed out of a mixture of linen and synthetic resin which looks much like wood. This material stands out thanks to its very high resilience. Decorative stainless steel embellishments make this knife pleasing to the eye. The CHUTOH from the MIYABI 7000D series is an added benefit to you because it is easy to use and has an impressive appearance.

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