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The Kudamono from the Miyabi 7000D series is a useful, high-quality addition to your kitchen, one which wins over hobby chefs and professional restaurateurs alike with its quality and range of uses. The blade, with the extremely sharp Honbazuke finishing, is specifically intended for effectively and thoroughly cleaning and chopping various types of fruits and vegetables. The authentic Japanese blade profile combined with the handle’s Japanese D shape is a winning combination. The result: a multipurpose vegetable knife which always fits nicely in your hand and comes in handy for all conventional cutting jobs. The well-balanced handle also prevents you from growing tired while cutting.Heavy-duty multicomponent steel, consisting of cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium in the core and surrounded by 64 layers of stainless steel, helps the knife’s blade achieve a hardness of around 60 Rockwell and lastingly maintain its edge. All MIYABI knives are given their sharp finish through traditional Japanese Honbazuke honing, which experienced masters meticulously apply by hand with a fine grinding stone.With the versatile Kudamono from the Miyabi 7000D series, not only can you equip your kitchen with a high-quality instrument, you can enjoy the utmost comfort when chopping or cleaning fruits or vegetables.

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