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Zwilling Calf Leather Pocket Manicure Set, Taupe, 4 Pcs.

The calf-leather pocket set combines luxurious design with high-quality manicure tools. This four-piece set from ZWILLING provides you with tools which won’t show any signs of rusting or use even in high humidity. As a result, this nail care pocket case isn’t only suitable for use at home in the bathroom but also while travelling, so that you can maintain groomed nails whenever needed.The pocket case with the ZWILLING emblem on the front side is a handy companion. The case is securely closed by a snap fastener on the inside of the leather folding flap. The leather surface is smooth on the outside and slightly rough on the inside. The four nail care instruments fit right into the slots provided for them.The nail clippers, sapphire nail file and tweezers are stored in front of the cuticle scissors, which are stored in the back pocket. The rectangular-shaped leather case from the TWINOX Manicure Sets series protects tools from becoming dirty and reliably keeps them in place. You can take care of your nails when you want using the pocket case made out of brushed, rust-free stainless steel – an instrument that completes your bathroom or your handbag.

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