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Zwilling Elk Leather Manicure Set, Brown, 5 Pcs.

This manicure set from ZWILLING consists of select instruments for the individual and regular care of your nails and hands. All the instruments are made of matt stainless steel, which include a pair of nail scissors and a cuticle scissors (each 90 cm in size), oblique tweezers, a dual instrument and a sapphire nail file. The matt satin steel products are easy to clean and durable, since they are particularly resistant to corrosion and thus also rust-proof.The matching, brown frame case is made out of elk leather and measures 14.5 x 6.5 cm in total. It protects instruments perfectly against dirt and moisture, even when on the road. The instruments inside the frame case are easy to grab hold of and can be quickly organised again. The frame case is very resilient and durable due to the first-class craftsmanship and the high-quality material, and is therefore perfect for taking it with you. It comes in handy while travelling. You’ll be able to enjoy the frame case from the TWINOX Manicure Sets series for a very long time thanks to its enduring workmanship.

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