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Zwilling Filleting knife

The filleting knife from the ZWILLING Pure range has a long, sleek, sharp blade with a smooth bevel. It is particularly good for filleting meat and fish cleanly and precisely. The filleting knife separates fibres smoothly. The blade is 18 cm long and tapers to a point. The pure timeless design makes a high-quality impression and testifies to well-made processing. The black handle is in beautiful contrast to the silver shiny blade, with the ZWILLING brand logo as a mark of quality.The two-tier V-Edge ensures sustainable, long-lasting sharpness. This refining process guarantees an enduring precise cutting performance. These are the best conditions for cutting tasks in your kitchen. The filleting knife is also a SIGMAFORGE knife. This means that it is forged from one piece of steel. The ergonomics and balance of the knife are perfect. It is comfortable to hold and cuts easily. When you try it, you will notice the difference immediately, and will not want to miss out on this filleting knife with ergonomic handle.

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