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Zwilling Meat fork

The 18 cm-long ZWILLING meat fork is suitable for all types of meat, where gentle handling is required. This fork is the perfect implement for lifting and holding pieces of meat. In addition, the meat fork from the ZWILLING Pro series can be used for carving or turning meat, leaving the fine fibres of the meat intact. It has a minimalist look, with a focus on its functionality.The fork is made of ZWILLING special formula steel and thus provides the ideal balance between its chrome and carbon content. Ice-hardening is also used to make the steel rigid, giving it excellent cutting edge retention, flexibility and corrosion-resistance. The prongs are sharply tapered so that very little effort is needed to insert it into meat. The handle of the ZWILLING meat fork is black and is fixed by three rivets to the handle, giving it its traditional look. The balance between the handle and the fork is particularly interesting, making work easier without much force having to be applied. This meat fork makes it much easier to handle pieces of meat. This ZWILLING product is a useful utensil to enhance your kitchen, one that will be frequently used.

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