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Zwilling Santoku knife

The Santoku knife from the ZWILLING Pro series combines Japanese cutting artistry with Made in Germany technology. The high-grade steel used for the blade and the easy-care plastic used in the handle will win you over. The knives have been elaborately produced to perform challenging tasks in complex operations. The SIGMAFORGE blades are precision-forged from a single piece of steel and boast perfect geometry and a precise cutting edge. The very best cutting properties, optimum balance, ergonomic design and safety make this knife the preferred cutting utensil of passionate cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs. The Santoku knife can be recognised by its typical wide blade shape and extremely sharp cutting edge.Santoku literally translates as “three virtues”, rapidly making this cutting implement indispensable in any kitchen. It is perfect for cutting, dicing and chopping and is also comfortable for newcomers to cooking to use. The knife’s ease of handling and safe cutting enable you to produce delicate julienne strips from carrots, leeks and courgettes, or cut ultra-thin slices of meat to serve. The sharp, lightweight and well-balanced design of the Santoku knife lets you effortlessly cut the right thickness of vegetables, meat and fish. The Santoku knife has a 18 cm-long blade, which blends seamlessly into the striking handle with its traditional three-rivet design. Own your very own professional cutting utensil with this ZWILLING knife.

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