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Zwilling Set of 3 Knives

Knives from the TWIN Cuisine series provide the perfect combination of a traditional full-tang knife and a modern knife with plastic handle. The continuous steel, or tang, is completely fused with the handle and permanently inseparable. This set of knives even features a full transverse tang ensuring a secure hold and even balance.The three-piece set consists of a garnishing knife, a chef’s knife as well as a sharpening steel to maintain the knives’ sharpness. Due to their handle design, the knives are highly functional and the special steel creates high-quality blades. Thanks to additional ice-hardening, the FRIODUR knives are flexible, boasting exceptional cutting edge retention and corrosion resistance.The practical sharpening steel made of ridged stainless steel ensures quality resharpening and features a plastic handle. Thanks to the bolster and blades forged from a single piece of steel, these knives offer high precision and optimum balance when cutting. The three-part set of knives by ZWILLING provides you with safe and high-quality kitchen tools.

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