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Zwilling Steak set, 4 x 33609-120

The four-piece steak set from ZWILLING is perfect when you like cooking meat frequently. The steak knife is made out of one piece of steel. Of course, the steak knife doesn’t only need to be used for steaks; it can also be used for cutting other meats. The straight blade makes cutting easy, meaning you can separate meat from the tendons, fat, etc. in no time.The knife features a simple and timeless design. The blade is silver and the handle is plain black. The back of the blade has been ground down and it has a smooth cutting edge that enables effortless cutting. The handle, of course, has been completely tailored to fit the user and is thus ergonomically shaped as well as slip-resistant and easy to clean, so nothing can go wrong.Special attention was paid with this steak set to achieve a high level of quality and product durability. The steel’s perfect mixture of chromium and carbon ensures a high degree of quality, not to mention the refinement process which makes it more flexible, resistant to corrosion and sharp. With this durable steak set from the ZWILLING Pure series, you can enjoy delicious meat dishes as well as dazzle your guests.

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